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usually slows around the beltway. at the outer loop at old court road, brake lights starting to light up the outer loop, keep that in mind. expect minor delays between 795 towards the baltimore national pike. looking at our drive times and maps, we're not doing bad drive- wise, 95 southbound 4 minutes from white marsh boulevard to the beltway, harrisburg expressway still flowing without delays between shawan and 695, picking up between owings mills and the boulevard, 5 minutes. phoenix and monkton, old york road closed at glen berry court because of downtown wires, use jarrettsville pike. a disabled vehicle at 543 and 22 in bel air, police on the scene. back to you. hopefully we'll be safe and found and people will be able to come to the beach.
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but if necessary, i'll close my gates and put some sandbags in front of them and hope for the best. i think we'll be okay though. >> in ocean city, business owners are prepping for hurricane earl's potential punch. this morning he's a category 3 storm packing winds up to 135 miles per hour. we're keeping an eye on this. it changes constantly, as weather does. >> we're there in ocean city now, we're going stay put, we'll have up to the-minute forecast on tomorrow we'll start our live team coverage from the beach, 5:00 tomorrow night until earl passes us by. in glen burnie on country club drive, some guy in his 20s breaks into a home and sexual assaults an 83-year-old woman. neighbors as you can imagine extremely worried about this. abc 2's linda so says police are on it. linda? >> cops are boosting their presence in the area, they plan to heavily patrol the area in marked cars and bikes hoping
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someone saw something. right now police only have a vague description of the man, in his early 20s, with a dark colored scarf over his face during the attack. it happened early monday morning on country club drive in glen burnie. police say the man broke into the elderly woman's home and sexually assaulted her before running away. neighbors hope police make an arrest soon. >> you have to be really hard up, you know, to do something like that. you hear about it. you get concerned. >> reporter: if you have any information that can help police, call the anne arundel county sex crimes unit at 410- 222-3416. in the studio, linda so, abc 2 news. on the day of the official end of the u.s. military combat mission in iraq, the president delivered a major address last night. the president touched on the new mission for u.s. troops in iraq, afghanistan, and the border fight against terrorism. in his address, the president said the united states
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commitment to a stable and self reliant iraq continues. >> this is my pledge to the american people as a candidate for this office. last february i announced a plan to bring our combat brigades out of iraq while redoubling efforts to strengthen iraq's security forces and support its government and people. that's what we've done. >> the president made it clear that through this combat mission even though it's finished, the fight against terrorism and the war in afghanistan are far from over. he stated we can now apply additional resources to go on work for a safer society. ue to he thanked the men and women who served in this mission. 6:33. a man pulled over on suspicion of dui was wrestled to the ground by a trooper and knocked unconscious. dennis perry of houston, texas, was ordered to pull over after officers say he ran a stop sign.
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he began a sobriety test. what happened next was something he barely remembers as he was knocked out laying on the ground waiting for medics to come help him. when he woke up he didn't recognize his own face. he was beaten pretty badly. perry filed a complaint against the police department. four months, a teacher has been counting the weeks until her husband came home from iraq. ashley perry had two weeks to go but her husband had other plans. you know what happens now. air force staff sergeant will perry has been in iraq for the past seven months. his early arrival was a surprise to his wife. her husband is waiting for her, students to watch. [ cheers and applause ]
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>> what a great surprise. and how do you go back to work after that? time apart was challenging, they say, but the couple is thrilled to be back together this morning. students were in on it too. i love it. >> that's great. 6:35. it could take up to four months, four months to free the 33 men trapped underground in a mine in chile. >> the digging has started, rescuers say it will be a long and tedious process. if you smoke, start eating more vegetables. this could help reduce your risk of developing cancer. b !%
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6:38. drilling started as part of the effort to reach the miners trapped in chile. the effort to drill through 2300 feet of rock and get the
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workers out could take three to four months. they have been stuck in the gold mine since august 15, surviving with supplies funneled through three bore holes, each 4 inches in diameter. 6:39. in health news, a wrenching decision facing many healthy women, whether or not to have their ovaries and breasts surgically removed. to cut the risk of ovarian and breast cancers. some doctors recommend it for women carrying two mutated genes that increase the likelihood of developing the cancers. of the women studied, none who chose to have mast tech -- mastectomies developed cancer. a diet of fruits and vegetables may decrease of risk of lung cancer, especially if
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we smoke. those who ate a variety of vegetables and fruit seemed to decrease the risk of lung cancer. they contain main bioactive compounds that fight certain cancers. the american cancer society is warning everybody there is no better way to fight off lung cancer than avoid smoking or quit completely. 20 minutes from 7:00. all right, earl, what are you doing? will you or won't you? >> we'll be more than prepared for hurricane earl, either way. vacationers in ocean city are keeping a close eye on hurricane earl. i'm sherrie johnson, i'll tell what you to expect in ocean city. it's not on the eastern shore yet but it's still causing problems for swimmers out there. we're talking about riptides. we'll tell you how lifeguards in o.c. are busy. >> and today there's news about an anticipated race. >> ellicott city was voted one of best places to live, now it
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boasts another ranking on a national list.
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6:43. i'm megan pringle. >> i'm jamie costello. we're watching and waiting, hurricane earl, category 3 headed to virginia now. >> the big question is will it come to ocean city? how bad is it going to be? everybody is getting ready for the worst. we're going to justin berk watching earl. >> ocean city, we're going to follow the storm for you beginning tomorrow. the weather station, 75 degrees, great weather for them. light winds, all will deteriorate tomorrow night and friday. we're watching in rehoboth. and another hot sunny day, 95, sunny to partly cloudy skies. right now kim brown has the latest on traffic. >> we're looking good so far on the roadways, it's going to be slow us a make your way around the beltway this morning. it's starting to jam on the outer loop here at old court
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road. expect your usual slowdowns between 795 down towards 70 and the baltimore national pike. top side of the outer loop on the northeast side also pretty slow between harford road and dulaney valley road. no accidents. baltimore county and harford county, we'll tell you about that in a few minutes. >> it's sunny and hot. you're not in the mood to think about earl but this is the day to prepare just in case. sherrie johnson is going to be told in a couple hours we'll be on our toes for 72 hours. >> reporter: good morning. that's right. 8:00 this morning, baltimore city mayor will hold a news conference at the transportation management center here. she's going to talk about severe weather and emergency preparedness. meanwhile in ocean city, people down there are keeping a close eye on hurricane earl. overnight we've learned that hurricane earl has weakened to category 3, and for people headed to the shore this labor day weekend you're advised to
6:46 am
stay out of the water. waves could reach 15 feet on friday, lifeguards made hundreds of rescues over the weekend because of rip currents from hurricane danielle. they were at it this week. it's only going to get worse. vacationers and merchants hope the storm will miss the area. >> we're monitoring the situation very closely. we have a heightened awareness, and should it be necessary we'll take protective actions for the city as a whole. >> we'll adjust the swimming regulations as accordingly, we'll maybe limit people going into the water up to knee deep, if we see the need. it's typical for this time of year. >> reporter: ocean city officials say they definitely plan to keep vacationers updated on hurricane earl. sherrie johnson, abc 2 news. >> strong currents and riptides are causing concerns for swimmers and lifeguards in ocean city. riptides could grow in number
6:47 am
as hurricane earl nears the shore. one man swimming yesterday found himself caught in one and was dragged out to sea but luckily two lifeguards were able to rescue him. >> i felt like i was trying to get back in. it's taking a while. i'm starting to get tired. i law the lifeguard. maybe he can help me. it was scary. i never thought i would be in that position. suddenly i'm scared. oh no. but they got me back out. >> it's been like that since saturday with lifeguards really busy making rescue after rescue and promises to grow worse as hurricane earl approaches. town officials have begun early preparations. many people on the beach plan to leave tomorrow ahead of earl. aaa says it's going to be a big weekend here for the holiday. if the storm stays away aaa is saying about 90% of everybody watching us right now will still hit the roads friday. if earl gets here too close,
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that will change things dramatically. >> it will impact travel and traffic and what do you once you get to your holiday destination. the good thing is sometimes once these hurricanes come through they actually leave beautiful weather behind them. so again, it's too early to tell and we'll have to see what happens with the forecast and which way the path of the storm goes. >> the average price of gas on the shore, it's now around $2.50. and while we watch and wonder what's going to happen with earl many people are thinking back seven years. in september of 2003 hurricane isabel took aim at the mid- atlantic blasting virginia beach and moving inland and weakening to a tropical storm. normally that would be a good thing, but not considering the size of this storm. even though isabel's center was moving across western maryland and pennsylvania, its circulation was pushing water
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back up the bay, causing epic flooding, from annapolis to downtown baltimore people were wading or paddles to get around. stay with abc 2 news and for continuing coverage of hurricane earl. as we track the storm, and prepare you for whatever comes our way. today on "good morning maryland" at 9:00 we sit down with the director of the maryland emergency management agency to talk about what the agency is doing to prepare for hurricane earl. and what you should do on your own, not only this week but really as we head into hurricane season in september. and you can always log on to for continuing coverage of earl, all you have to do when you get there is click on the weather tab at the top of the home page and hurricane tracker for the latest information and forecast truck. >> baltimore city police and firefighters union are sounding off, again over the pension dispute. the unions are holding rallies
6:50 am
this week including one in downtown baltimore. members say they will continue to protect baltimore even if city officials in their words turned their backs on them. as part of the city's budget fix, council voted to increase retirement service time from 20 to 25 years. captain thomas tosh missed the service cut off by just two months. >> we agreed to the rules that they laid out. they were the ones that had everything laid out on the table when we came in and applied for this job and took it, and now halfway through the game they want to say we're going to change the rules on you. i don't think these specific rules they are changing are legal. >> changes in the pension system were enacted last month. but the unions have filed suit in federal court. 10 minutes from 7:00 right now. maryland gubernatorial candidate robert ehrlich said his campaign has raised nearly 3/4 of a million dollars during an 18-day reporting period that ended on sunday. he said the latest totals bring
6:51 am
his cash in hand total to more than $2.5 million. still, not as much as o'malley, they reported having on hand even in the last reporting period. voters won't have to wait in line to cast votes in this year's primary election. you now have the option of early voting. the maryland black caucus held a news conference encourage people to take advantage. there are 46 early voting sites in the state, all open up coming up friday. we know construction has been slowing your morning commute but in just a year it will be worth that headache. the baltimore grand prix is coming next labor day, and they say that you today will get an opportunity to learn more about the event. the mayor and several drivers will be at the inner harbor amphitheater to make an announcement about the indy race and afterwards drivers will show off cars, sign autographs, the event starts today at noon. listen to this. beatrice capra from ellicott
6:52 am
city scored a victory at the u.s. open, she's 18, beat an 8- year vet from croatia and faces somebody from france. her mom is a very good tennis player, did her training over there at the junior tennis champion center at college park and moved to boca raton in florida for training. way to go, beatrice. and way to go orioles, finishing august by bead beating the red sox 5-2. the monthly record of 17-11 is the first winning august since 1997. his 40th double of the year, the first modern oriole to have 40 doubles. the yankees won last night. they tied the orioles mark with 18 straight winning seasons. remember when we did that between the '60s and '70s? jake arietta against jon lester tonight. if you live in ellicott city you're living in the second best city in the country to
6:53 am
raise a family. >> ellicott city once again getting props. they have been named one of the top ten places to raise a family by this is the second time a howard county town as gotten national attention. columbia was ranked second in the nation as a place to live by "money" magazine. this time they say the ellicott city was chosen for good schools, healthy economy, job growth, vibrant local culture, low crime, good parks and recreational programs. go, ellicott city! >> 6:53. all eyes on hurricane earl. it went through an eyewall replacement cycle yesterday and got ragged, now the eye looking more defined. the storm still wrapping itself
6:54 am
up. it's encountering wind sheer. 125-mile-per-hour winds, now down a category 3 hurricane but this is still a major storm. it's passing away from the turks and caicos and away from the bahamas working its way up the eastern seaboard and a closer pass, you can see as we slow this down, still expected to be 120-mile-per-hour winds by overnight, thursday through friday morning, near north carolina. it's slowing down the time frame, through friday morning, early afternoon, past ocean city. probably within 150 miles which puts them in the tropical storm force winds field, winds of 60 miles per hour, waves 10 to 20 feet off the coast, past cape cod into nova scotia by the weekend, great weather will follow. this is not going to be anything like isabelle. the rain bands reach the outer banks of the carolinas tomorrow afternoon. and the bulk of the storm starts to follow away from the coastline. there's the eye right there from ocean city, hardly an
6:55 am
impact here in baltimore. in fact, there's a cold front to the west that could give us late day showers as this kicks out to sea, but it's going to be basically some rain bands, strong winds, high surf, that's going to be friday in ocean city. the weather is great for the weekend. high surf leftover. temperatures today 95. that's our two-degree guarantee, not the report of 99 in 1962. we're muggy overnight. tomorrow 93 degrees. we'll watch earl to the east, may throw clouds our way. wind on the eastern shore, rain at the beach, 80s on friday. look at the low 80s, lows in the 50s, and dry this weekend. kim brown, what have you got? >> it's sluggish and slow going on 95 southbound, as you head through white marsh boulevard, and head on down towards the beltway towards 895 split. you'll find heavy volume approaching the fort mchenry tunnel. a look at the beltway, east side at harford road, outer loop lanes traveling at sluggish speeds, but fortunately no incidents around 695, to really slow you up. as we look at the maps, we're
6:56 am
working a couple things, an incident in elkton, elk mills road and appleton road closed at this time. keep that in mind. avoid that area. same thing up in monkton, phoenix area too. old york road still closed at glen berry court because of downed wires in the intersection blocking that. you can use jaretville pike. no major delays around the beltway or on the 95 corridor. megan and jamie? >> coming up on good morning america, the story of a man tased three times in his own living room after he refused to go with police. the man is now suing the sheriff's office and of course the whole thing was caught on tape. >> we'll find out who is nominated for a cma award. lady antebellum will be nominated. >> thanks for joining us this morning.
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